Rain gutters are an essential component in the overall safety and infrastructure of your home's outer layer. While it may seem that all it does is funnel water away from your roof, without them your exterior facade would be much more affected by the wet and potentially start to show signs of wear and tear within a couple of months, if not sooner. When choosing your residential rain gutter installation contractor, there are a few things that you need to discuss with them beforehand to ensure you are getting the very best and most targeted system possible for your home.

Previous Ran Gutters

Unless your home is brand new, then there is a good chance you are replacing old residential rain gutters due to some kind of unfixable problem. When this is happening it is important to remember the measurements and size of your previous rain gutters, as they will come in handy for the next iteration. The size might seem random but often it is at least partially calculated with the measurements of your home's roof. The bigger the surface area, the more water will run down and the larger your rain gutters need to be, which is information that will be very pertinent for the next model you get.

Gutter Protectors

There are a number of names for gutter protectors that you might find including gutter guard or gutter grates. In essence, they are all the same and have one role: prevent blockages in the main gutter. When you think about just how many branches, twigs, leaves, and other organic waste are up on your roof it is amazing how few times your gutter gets blocked, but without a gutter protector, it will. These blockages and dams render your gutter largely useless because water will simply pile up over the edge and continue on its merry way. 

Seamless Construction

If possible, and if you have the budget for it, then you should ideally try and get rain gutters that are single pieces of material that have as few joints and connective pieces throughout the main body as possible. This is because those little edges and connections are all major weak points that will give way to age and pressure quicker than all the rest. A seamless rain gutter, while more expensive, provides a much better alternative that should last longer into the future than anything else on the market. While traditional gutter systems still do a good job, if you can afford it, seamless gutters should be your priority.

For more information on residential rain gutter installation, contact a professional in your area.