Nonselective weed killer lets you obliterate weedy patches that don't seem to respond to more gentle tactics. You don't have to worry about identifying the exact weeds you have because the application of this one substance should kill them all. However, the nonselective nature of the weed killer means that you can't just spray it on the weeds without some preparation. You have to take precautions to protect the rest of your yard.

It Will Kill Your Other Plants if You're Not Careful

Remember that nonselective weed killers kill what they touch (in terms of plant life). They will harm your lawn and other wanted plants if you get them on those parts of your yard. Pay attention to the radius of the spray or if you're using something you pour or place on the ground, pay attention to the radius in which it's effective. Make sure that you leave more than that distance between the areas you apply the weed killer to and areas you don't want to touch.

Avoid Tracking the Weed Killer Elsewhere

Protect your shoes and the ground you walk on. If any of the weed killer gets on your shoes, or you walk on an area that has been inadvertently sprayed, you could track the weed killer into other areas where it could hurt additional plants. Either take off the shoes you used while spraying and clean them before wearing them elsewhere, or cover the shoes in disposable booties and discard the booties when you walk away from the treated area.

Ensure Pets and Kids Don't Go Near the Treated Area

You don't want kids and pets in the treated area for a few days simply because they either won't know to wash their shoes or paws off, the pets could lick their paws, and they could touch weeds that have been treated, getting the weed killer on their hands or paws. Older children and teens would understand what you did, but very young children who just want to run and play, and pets that aren't well-trained, need to be kept away.

Nonselective weed killer is very helpful — none of this is meant to make you avoid using it. You just need to be aware that these broad-spectrum herbicides really pack a punch in your yard. If you want to get rid of a lot of weeds, these products are perfect, but you also want to ensure the plants you want to keep are kept protected.

To learn more about nonselective systemic week killer, reach out to a local home and garden company.