Even before you started the plans for your custom home, did you know what kind of hardwood you wanted to use throughout your home? Besides being really beautiful, you already know that hardwood floors are easy to maintain and that, with proper care, they will last for a very long time. In addition, if anybody in your family suffers from allergies, hardwood floors will not present a problem. There are so many different styles of hardwood floors that you can choose a different look for specific rooms.

Consider the following suggestions as you make your selection of hardwood flooring.

The Entryway - Set a formal tone for your home right when people enter your house. Choose hardwood floors that have a Greek revival flower panel as the focal point. Choose a darker wood for the flower design to make it really pop.

The Living Room And Dining Room - Choose the same dark wood that you used for the floral part of the entryway for the living room and dining room. This time, choose a parquet pattern which will be different, but which will still complement the hardwood flooring in the entryway.

The Family Room And The Home Library - Artisan distressed rosewood in a chevron pattern will be a good choice for your family room and the library, if you included one in your floor plan. 

All Of The Bedrooms - Hair Scraped grey bamboo flooring will be really nice in the master bedroom and in all of the children's bedrooms due to its neutral coloring. If you still want area rugs, select those that will complement the furniture you have chosen for the rooms. 

The Kitchen - Rustic reclaimed wood would be a nice choice for your kitchen. Imagine that you will have wood that might have been in an old church or in a historic hotel. It might have even come from a railroad train. 

The Bathrooms And The Utility Room - Vinyl flooring that mimics the look of a hardwood floor might be the best choice for these rooms. Vinyl flooring will perform well in damp areas and, like hardwood, it will be easy to maintain.

Once your hardwood floors are in place, simply go over them with a dust mop. For times that extra cleaning is necessary, use cleaning products that are designed for use on hardwood floors. If the wood gets scratched, use a concealer that is the same color as the wood that has been damaged.