If you're looking for a way to reduce solar heating of your home and make your house more attractive too, consider having awnings installed on your home's windows and patio. Here's why these sun blockers are a useful addition to your home.

Awnings Could Reduce Your Cooling Bills

If the front of your house faces the west or south, and the sun shines in your large front windows for several hours each day, your home will experience solar heating. Your AC may need to run longer to keep your home cool, and the area near the windows may be hotter than seats in the center of the room. Awnings cast shade over the windows and block the sun from beating through the glass so your home stays cooler.

They Don't Completely Block The View

You could always keep the blinds or curtains closed to block the sun, but then you'd not be able to enjoy the outdoor view. If you like to keep the curtains back so you can see outside, then awnings would be a good choice. They might block the view from the upper part of the windows, but you'll still be able to see your yard and the street because the lower part of the window isn't covered.

The Fabric Comes In Many Colors

A nice thing about awnings is that you can buy them in a variety of colors. This gives you the chance to get creative with the exterior design of your home. You can choose solid fabric or fabric with stripes. While fabric is a popular choice for home windows, you could even choose models made of wood or metal if you prefer.

The fabric used resists fading, and it's durable. The fabric fits over an aluminum frame that resists rust, so it lasts a long time. The frames are easy to put up and take down in case you want to remove them from your windows over the winter when solar heating might be desired.

An Awning Is Perfect For Your Patio Too

While window awnings block the sun and add beauty to your house, a patio awning allows you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. It protects you from the sun so you can sit outdoors without getting a sunburn. It also protects you from rain if you want to have lunch outside when it's raining. The patio style has even more options than the window variety. You could have a fixed awning installed or one that you can roll back manually or with a remote.