There are a lot of different types of fencing on the market and that gives you the choices you need to find the fencing that you are going to want to have installed around whatever areas you want it for. One of the popular types of fencing you will run across that people use for a lot of different areas is wooden lattice fencing, and you can purchase it in panels. This makes it so much easier for you to have installed and means that the job can be completed in a lot less time than it would take to have fencing installed that didn't come in these large panels. If you think the lattice-style fencing may be right for you, keep reading here:

Yard fencing

You can use wood lattice fencing panels all the way around the front yard, the backyard, or both. This fencing can be great for this purpose because the wood should be sealed, and then it will stand up against the elements while giving you privacy. The lattice along the top adds a nice touch of decoration that can be enjoyed from both sides of the fence.

Garden area

If you have a garden area that you want to keep fully protected from pests, then you may want to have wood lattice fencing panels installed around the garden area. The fence is going to do a good job of protecting the garden area from dogs who would destroy your garden, rabbits who would eat a lot of the things you are trying to grow, and even young children who may decide to wander into the colorful garden when they are supposed to stay in another part of the yard.

Gorgeous gate

If you want to have a lot of décor on your driveway gate, then you might want to think about choosing wood lattice fencing panels that have a lot of lattice designs on them.

Pretty gazebo

Wood lattice fencing panels are perfect for making a beautiful gazebo. You can go with the color of wood you want and the lattice designs that you want in order for the finished project to look exactly the way that you have been wanting.


This is just a shortlist of the many things that you can use wood lattice fencing panels for. Consider it any time you are thinking of fencing for something. Contact a company like EcoLattice for more ideas.