If you have company coming over and your home isn't exactly "company ready," don't worry. You can get your home clean quickly so it doesn't look quite so lived in and your company will believe your home is always that clean. Read on for 5 tips to clean your home in a hurry.

Focus On The Main Living Spaces

Your main areas of your home where your company will be is usually the living room, kitchen, and the main bathroom. These are the areas you should focus on. If you have a kitchen and dining room or eat-in kitchen area that can be seen by your guests, be sure to clean these areas as well. Focusing your attention on only a few rooms will help you get it done quickly, as opposed to cleaning your entire home at once.

Remove Clutter

Remove all clutter from areas such as tables and counters. If you have clothes on the bathroom floor, remove them and put them where they are supposed to go. Clean out your sink in the kitchen and wash all dirty dishes, or put them into the dishwasher to be cleaned. Once the clutter is removed, it already looks much cleaner. You can begin actually cleaning now that you can see the space that needs cleaned.

Dust Counters/Tables

Dust all of the main areas such as counters, tables, television stands and shelves that are visible. If you have a lot of trinkets, give them a quick dusting with a dust cloth or feather duster. Spray counters with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe the mirror off in the bathroom as well. If you have pillows and throw blankets on your couches, set these up so your couches look "made."

Clean The Toilet/Sink

In your bathroom, be sure to wipe down the sink and faucet, and clean the toilet thoroughly as well. Nobody wants to go to the bathroom in a home where there are splatters of urine on the seat, or touch the toilet handle that has filth on it. Wipe these areas down thoroughly with cleaner and clean the inside of the toilet, as well as the area surrounding the base of the toilet.

Open The Blinds/Curtains

If your guests are coming over during the day, open up the blinds and curtains to get light coming into your home. It helps make the house feel lighter and airy and can also give it a clean feeling as well. If your guests are coming over at night, turn the lights on in the rooms where they will be going to also make it feel open and airy.

If you need to clean in a hurry, remove clutter and give everything a wipe down that will be visible by your guests. If you need a deep cleaning, hire a professional cleaning company to get the job done for you, or use a cleaning service on a weekly basis so you don't have to worry if you have guests coming over unexpectedly.