The older the home, the stranger the windows you will encounter. Either the windows will be all different sizes, or you will have one or two windows that are odd geometric shapes. (This is especially true of homes built during the Art Deco period, or homes that were designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.) While you may be tempted to try and restore the odd windows for the sake of historic restoration, you may be looking and waiting for a long time. That leaves this part of your home open to leaking rainwater, and further damage. Here is how to approach this common problem.

Replace the Windows with Similar Modern Styles

Many old styles are new again. The window styles are resurrected with a modern twist. So, you could replace these windows with current variations of the old, damaged windows you have. These modern versions stay close to the original designs, which allows you to feel as though you have stayed true to the original designs of the house.

Custom Windows

Custom window replacements are extremely expensive, but if you cannot reconcile using anything else to replace your old, unique windows, then custom it is. You would have to hire a window contractor that is able to build a custom window frame, cut and insert custom glass shapes, and then install the new custom window in the same space as the old one. It takes a lot of time and careful measurements by a skilled tradesman (or woman), but it can be done.

Resigning to a Completely New Window

When you feel constrained by the fact that you cannot restore a window, and you cannot find a custom window contractor, you may just resign to replacing the window entirely. This means you could use a traditional window of a non-traditional size, or a traditional window of a traditional size if that window fits the space given. Your window contractor will be able to take measurements and tell you what will fit best in the space given.

Sealing the Area Over

Sometimes people decide to just remove the window and skip replacing it. If that is what you want, your window contractor can remove the window and place a protective barrier over the hole. Then a construction contractor will need to come and fill in that space with insulation, boards, an interior wall, and siding on the outside wall of your home.

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