Have you purchased an old cabin that hasn't been lived in for a few years and you want to use it for recreational winter sports? If so, and if you are worried about how the boiler system works inside the cabin, you want to call the professionals right away. Call the professionals to see if the boiler system can heat the home properly, and safely, and to see if you can improve the efficiency of the unit while it runs. Talk with the boiler expert about these things.

Have the Boiler Tuned-Up

Before you turn on the heat, have a home boiler repair professional come to tune-up the machine. This allows them to see if there are any concerns before turning the unit on. They prep the unit to heat the home for the winter ahead, and then they will maintain the unit to make sure that it works with great efficiency. The inspection professional can give you a diagnostic report at the end of the inspection and tune-up.

Inspect the HVAC Ducts and Ventilation

If the heat hasn't been turned on in months or even longer, there is a chance that the ducts and ventilation system may have concerns. Have the expert inspect the ducts and ventilation to ensure there aren't fire hazards or issues with the ducts and that the ventilation system will function properly to deliver heat and prevent moisture complications. Ask about duct sealing if you are worried about efficiency.  

Fireplace Inspection

A fireplace that burns real wood or has a gas line should be inspected. The boiler inspection team should be able to check the components of the fireplace to see if the unit will heat the home as needed. If it is a real wood burning fireplace with a chimney, you may need to call a specific expert to do this type of inspection.

You may need to invest the money for repair parts and repairs on the boiler system to make sure that it will heat the cabin in the winter when you want to use it, but a boiler system is an efficient heating system that is well worth the investment. Find a service company that can come out to the property right away to evaluate the damages or repairs that are in front of you and to make sure that the ducts and the ventilation system are ready to function as needed as well.