Metal roofing has several benefits as a residential roofing material. Even though the standing seam design is common, metal roofing is also available in shingles, which makes the roofing just as attractive as other roofing styles while providing excellent protection for your home. Here's a look at metal roofing shingles and why you may want to consider them for your home.

How Metal Shingles Are Made

The roofing shingles are stamped out of a coil of metal. This process allows the shingles to take on any shape and texture. The shingles may have a smooth surface to resemble slate stone or a ridged surface to resemble cedar shake. Color is baked on at the same time that enhances the illusion that the metal is slate, wood, or tile. Metal shingles are made from a variety of metals such as copper, aluminum, or steel. Steel shingles are treated to prevent them from rusting when exposed to the elements.

Why Metal Shingles Are A Good Choice For Your Home

You may wonder why you want metal roofing shingles that look like another material rather than just using the other material to start with. It's because of the properties of metal roofing that give it several advantages. Metal is lightweight. This makes it a more practical choice than slate for most homes since slate is so heavy. Metal is also durable and it needs very little maintenance. This makes it a good choice when you want a wood roof but you don't want the maintenance requirements that come along with it. Some metal shingle roofs can also be made to look like asphalt shingles, and the advantage to choosing metal over asphalt is that metal has a much longer life.

Once you've decided you prefer the benefits of metal roofing over other roofing materials, you can choose from a wide range of styles. You can pick the roofing based on color or surface texture. Metals shingles come in many attractive colors that complement any style home. Whether you want the roof to look like metal or if you want it to look like stone or wood, you'll find something that fits your home's architecture perfectly.

How To Maintain A Metal Roof

A metal roof stands up to the weather and it resists damage by animals and insects, so it doesn't sustain much damage. Still, you'll want to have it inspected annually to make sure there are no signs of problems such as scratches or loose areas around flashing. Routine maintenance includes chores such clearing debris off the roof and cleaning out the gutters. If you want roofing you don't have to do much with to keep it in good shape, then metal is an excellent choice.

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