Whether you recently purchased a new home, or you're looking at redecorating a room within your house, you'll need to make a decision as to which window treatment you'd like to go with. There are several different factors to consider when comparing blinds and curtains—the two most popular window treatments. You'll find the top four advantages listed below that make blinds an excellent choice over curtains. 

They're Made From Sturdy Materials

Blinds are extremely durable because they are made from sturdy materials. Typically, homes have blinds made from either plastic, aluminum, or wood; however, you can also find them made from bamboo. While curtains are easily ripped or stained, blinds don't have this problem. In fact, blinds are not only tough and long lasting, but they are also a cinch to clean when spills occur. All you have to do is simply wipe them off with a wet rag and let them air dry. 

Blinds Are More Affordable

When budget is a concern, you'll want to go with Roman blinds, which cost less than most curtains. Even if you opt to go with blinds that are slightly more expensive than curtains, you'll still save money in the long run. This is because blinds are more energy efficient in the summer time. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that when blinds are closed during the summer months, the sun is able to reflect off the blinds, which reduces heat gain by a whopping 45 percent.  

You'll Get More Privacy

Some rooms within a home require more privacy than others, such as the bedroom and bathroom. Blinds can be lowered and closed to completely block out light from the outside, which in turn keeps anyone from being able to see inside the home. To get that from a curtain, you'd need to purchase black-out drapes, which are ideal for hotels but not most homes. 

Blinds Take Up Less Room and Match Any Theme

Curtains drape over windows and may even extend all the way to the floor. Children often find enough space to hide behind them. Blinds are a better option for homeowners who prefer rooms that appear more spacious. This type of window treatment doesn't extend beyond the window and takes up much less room. You also won't have any trouble matching the blinds to the theme and decor in your room, as they come in a wide variety of plain colors.