When the weather brings temperatures below the freezing mark, there is no part of your home's plumbing that is completely safe. Burst pipes are a problem that many homeowners are familiar with, but you will be surprised to know that the freezing can also cause damage to septic systems. Here are some of the problems with your septic tank that may have been caused by freezing temperatures:

1. Burst or Cracked Septic Lines Due to Freezing

Just like the lines inside your home, septic lines that come from your home and go to the tank can freeze and burst. This problem is fixed by replacing the lines that have been damaged during a winter freeze, but it also means that your landscaping will be damaged to do the repairs. To prevent this problem, have the main sewer line insulated when it is replaced. You can also insulate the lines during the winter months by covering the area above them with an insulating ground cover like bark or hay.

2. Tank Freezing and Sewage Backup in Home Plumbing

The main problem with septic systems is the tank freezing. The freezing of the tank is caused by tanks being too close to the surface, as well as little snowfall to cover and insulate the septic system. To avoid this problem, tanks should be buried deeper and have risers installed. In addition, septic tanks can have an insulated cover installed to protect them from freezing. If your tank has frozen, a treatment can be added to the tank to thaw it and prevent it from freezing.

3. Shallow Drain Lines Freezing and Backing Up into The Tank

Shallow drainage is another problem that will cause problems with your septic system. The drain field lines can freeze when they are too close to the surface. When the drain lines freeze, this will cause liquids to back up and eventually cause problems with your tank. To solve this problem, you may want to have a new modern drain field installed. If you cannot have the drain field replaced at the moment, insulate the areas where the lines are located to protect them from winter freezes.

Freezing causes a lot of damage to mechanical systems like septic tanks. Getting the problem fixed before it gets worse can save you from costlier repairs. Contact a septic repair contractor from a company like Sullivan Septic to get help with some of the damage winter weather has caused to your septic system.