The most important element of an evening or nighttime outdoor party is lighting. The right type of lighting not only illuminates the celebration space for guests, but it gives it ambiance as well. Lighting can also help define the type of event, such as romantic or celebratory, that you're hosting. 

No matter what type of outdoor event you're holding, such as a kid's birthday party, an intimate wedding shower or anniversary soiree, or a festive holiday get-together, you'll be able to find the perfect lighting elements. Get creative by making your own or rent LED lighting from a professional event management company to make the biggest impact.

Here are some unique lighting ideas for your next outdoor bash:

1. LED-Lit Dance Floor

Best for a celebratory event held in a rural space where you can have music, such as a farm wedding reception, a LED-lit dance floor will be the centerpiece of the soiree. You can set the illuminated flooring up on a patio, and have your guests dance on it all night long.

Choose the lighting color, such as red, blue, green, orange, or multi-color, to reflect the theme of the event as a special touch. In addition to solid colors, some LED-lit dance floors also feature customized moving images, logos or symbols as well. Some are also interactive, allowing guests to change the colors and patterns via touch.

You can either buy the LED floor panels yourself or rent them through a party rental company. 

2. String Lights

If you want to give the outdoor space a soft, romantic glow, classic string lights may be the best way to go. They're available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and can be hung from several different places outdoors. 

As one idea, wrap twinkling white lights around trees surrounding the party space, or suspend them from the overhead branches. You can personalize the look according to the event as well, such as red heart-shaped lights for a Valentine's Day soiree or pink or blue lights for a baby shower.

3. Homemade Lights

Put a personal stamp on the event space with creative, homemade lighting elements. As one example, clean out several wine bottles, remove the labels, and place a small LED tea light in each one. You can use the whimsical bottle lights to line a pathway or even as table decor.

You can also place the tea lights in mason jars or hole-punched aluminum cans for a rustic, country-inspired look. 

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