When you take the plunge and buy a tiny home, it's important to realize that your living situation will be drastically different than what you're used to. In addition to your needing to sell, donate, lend, or store many of your possessions because they won't fit into the tiny home, you'll also need to think about maximizing the space. One of the key advantages of tiny homes is how efficiently they can be organized. Even though the interior space is small, owners can use a variety of techniques to organize their items. While it's useful to speak to other tiny-home owners to find inspiration for this job, you can also look at these areas.


If you have friends who own a motorhome, it's worthwhile to pay them a visit. A motorhome shares many similarities with a tiny home, particularly in regard to maximizing the available space inside. In the motorhome, you'll see how the owners have organized each area, including the bedroom. For example, they might have a clothing rod that can be set up to span the room, making a perfect storage solution for clothing on hangers. Or, the owners might have a fold-down table or chair that can make the space in the kitchen or dining room better used. You can implement both of these ideas in your tiny home.

Professional Kitchen

Gaining access to a professional kitchen for organizational inspiration can be a challenge, but you can learn a lot by watching cooking shows on TV. Professional kitchens are highly organized; the kitchen staff needs a significant amount of counter space for plating food, and that means that cookware, utensils, and other items need to be stored in a highly organized fashion. For example, instead of taking up a drawer with cookware, many kitchens have their pots and pans hanging over the stove. This is an organizational idea that you can follow in your new tiny home.


The next time you travel on an airplane, keep an eye open for storage inspiration. Airplanes are designed to maximize the available storage space. For example, the simple idea of overhead storage is something that you might wish to implement in your tiny home; you can have a contractor install some cabinets at the tops of the walls to increase your available storage space. If you're concerned about overhead storage due to your height, consider keeping a small step stool somewhere in your tiny home.

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