If you are moving to a new home, you may not need as many boxes as you originally thought you would. It can be hard to find boxes that are the proper size for clothing, without having to spend a small fortune. Or, you end up pulling your clothing out of a box in a wrinkled mess. One part of moving that you can relax about is transporting the clothes in your closet to your new location. There is no need to stuff your clothing into used banana boxes like so many people do, whether you are moving across the country or across town. Keep reading to learn the easiest way to move the clothes in your closet to your new home:

What You'll Need:

  • 30-Gallon Trash Bags With Pull Strings

  • Twist Ties

  • Masking Tape Or Decorative Washi Tape

  • Scissors (Optional)

Purge Unwanted Items

The hardest thing to do when you move is to purge items as you pack them. When you are ready to start packing up your closet, look through all your clothing and take any items that you haven't worn in a year off the hanger. Put these clothes into a pile. When you've gone through your whole closet, put the pile of old clothes into a trash bag and donate them. Not only will you have fewer clothes to move and more space in your new closet, but you will be helping others in need.

Organize Your Clothing

Next, it's time to organize all the clothing still hanging in your closet. Keep these clothes on their hanger throughout this whole process. Put all the shirts together, all the skirts together, and all the pants together, and your entire collection of long dresses and gowns together. All your clothes should now be hanging on the rod in your closet from shortest to longest. You may also want to separate each type of clothing by season. The goal is to keep similar-sized items together to make packing them easier.

Bag Them Up

Now, starting with your longest clothes, like your long dresses or pants, take 10 hangers off the rod and lay them on the floor. The clothes should be stacked one on top of the other, with all the hangers on the top and going in the same direction.

Take a trash bag from the box and unfold it. In the middle of the bottom of the bag, make a small hole. You can use your fingers to rip a small hole into the plastic or use scissors. Slip the trash bag over the hangers of your pile of clothes and pull the hangers through the hole. Pull the bag down over the clothes. Pull the strings at the bottom of the bag to seal the bag with your clothing safely inside. You can tie a simple knot in the strings to prevent the bag from opening during the move.

Finally, wrap a twisty tie around the hangers to keep them together. This will also keep any rogue hangers from sliding down into the bag. It also just generally makes it easier for you and the movers to transport the bags of clothes as needed.

Label The Bags

If you are so inclined, you can label your bags of clothes to make it easier to know what is inside. This is invaluable if there are several people in your household moving all at once. Simply tear off a piece of plain masking tape and stick it on the plastic trash bag. You'll want to place the tape at the top, close to the hangers, so it's easy to see and read. Then write the person's name on it. You can also make a note of what type of clothing is in the bag, like "Jane's Skirts." If you prefer something more fancy, give each person their own roll of decorative washi tape to use as their label.

All that's left is for you or the movers to stack the bags of clothes on top of each other and transport them to your new home. If you have any questions about moving clothes in this manner, consider contacting professional movers. They will be happy to assist you.