Having an outdoor room allows you to enjoy the fresh air, the view of your garden, and spending more quality family time. You will be able to relax without distractions from televisions and computers. Here are some tips for decorating and building an outdoor room.

Build the Room Under a Pergola

The first thing you need to do when putting together an outdoor room is to choose a location. If you don't already have an area on your patio that is covered, it helps to create one. A pergola is the perfect option because it can be connected to your house, where it becomes part of the patio, but it also closes off an area for the outdoor room. You can have a pergola custom-made if you are going for a more unique look, or you can purchase a kit from a company, like Eye Level LLC, that is easy for you to set up on your own. Around the pergola, you can have vines to decorate it, or simply hang sheer curtains on the sides of it. The pergola not only creates a nice, comfortable space for the room but can also give you a little more privacy.

Add Comfortable Seating

Once the area has been designated and you have the pergola set up, it is time to add some furniture. The key here is not to use just regular patio furniture, but choose comfortable furniture pieces similar to what you have inside your home. Instead of wicker furniture, choose wood furniture with plush cushions. You can add some throw pillows and blankets, making them perfect for taking a nice nap outdoors. You may also want to use the room for eating meals, so adding a table and chairs is another great option. Add an area rug in the middle of the room to tie it all together.

Use Mood Lighting

To further increase the appeal of the outdoor room, add some lighting to the space. You don't want to only be limited to the few outdoor lights in your patio space. You can also add some twinkle lights and easily hang them around the pergola. Another option is to have some lamps that are plugged into an outdoor outlet, or use lanterns that you can hang up. Solar lights are also a good option since they don't need to be plugged in, but instead get energy from the sun, then turn on when the sun goes down.